Conversational Credits

What are Conversation Credits?
A Conversation Credit is a token that is needed to hold a conversation on Quazel.

How do I get Conversation Credits?
You start with 10 free credits and every day you get 3 more. The daily 3 credits will expire after 24h.

If you want to talk more, you can get buy more credits in the app.

How are Conversation Credits used?
Conversation Credits are used automatically when interacting with Quazel. They are used up for two things:While holding a conversation and engaging with the A.I. Conversation Credits get used.

More specifically, per response generated by Quazel, 0.04 conversation credits are used.
This means that for a beginner to intermediate language learner, a 10 minute conversation is about 1 Conversation Credit.When creating an image for a custom scene. When you create your own scene, we generate an image for you to give you a visual representation of your conversation partner and the environment. For every image generated, 0.02 Conversation Credits are used.

Note: This only happens when you create a new scene, not when you start a scene created by someone else.

Learn anytime, anywhere.

The easiest way to learn a language is to practive speaking regularly. Download Quazel on your mobile phone and talk about anything, anytime, anywhere.

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