Khosla Ventures Says 'Oui, Sí, and はい' to Quazel's AI Language Tutor

Quazel raises $1.5M from Khosla ventures to put an AI language tutor into everyone's pocket.

CEO - Founder

When David, Sam, and I started working on Quazel, it was clear to all of us that the current way languages are taught often misses the point. Current methods, either heavily neglect to teach how to actually talk or are only available at a very high cost. By simply talking to an AI in a foreign language, you can get some parts of the way there, but for us, that's not enough. 

We know from experience that THE best way to learn a language is by having a tutor and tailoring everything around your progress and interests.

That's why at Quazel, our north star is not only to offer conversations with an AI, but to recreate and improve the experience of having a human tutor sitting right next to you, lending a helping hand whenever you need it.

To achieve that goal, I’m excited to tell you that we have completed our Seed round and have raised $1.5M 🙌. Together with Khosla Venture, we believe we can reach our goal and make personalised and individual tutoring available to everyone!

What’s even more thrilling is to see that our users really like what we have built so far. Even in our earliest prototype phase, we got 50’000 people to give it a try within 2 days! This stat is still mind-boggling to all of us founders.

After spending a few months in San Francisco, we are now back home in Zurich, Switzerland (come and say hi 😊), and are excited to start expanding the team and continue shipping new updates! We’ll have some big changes on Quazel in the near future and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Thanks to all our early users and supporters! You’ll love what we have planned for you!


P.S. In the title image you can see me, Ed and Ece from Khosla (centre), and Sam

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